Is this new digital assistant app smarter than you?

Is this new digital assistant app smarter than you?

Introducing the GetMore Plus app from NEXT Engage

Johannesburg – With Siri, Alexa, Cortana, Bixby and Google Assistant, to name only a few, the digital assistant market is crowded and it’s growing. So what makes the launch of this digital personal assistant app so different? The GetMore Plus app is a hybrid – it uses the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) but the finesse of human intellect to get things done.

From 2015 to 2016 there was a 25% increase globally, in the amount of time people spend on apps, with an average of 10 apps being used every day. This makes sense as apps are becoming a way of life,” says Adrian Zanetti, managing director of NEXT Engage. “For an app to be successful in this congested space, it needs to do two things well: seamlessly integrate into a person’s life and provide an exceptional customer experience in one easy-to-use app.”

GetMore Plus is a premium, subscription-based programme where members can download the app for free and have direct access to their benefits, which include a 24/7, on-demand and intelligent, digital personal assistant service. This takes value-add to the next level, according to Zanetti, who confirms that the app can be customised to client requirements or integrated into the client’s existing app.

What makes the app unique is that it uses the very latest technology, such as geolocation and mobile wallet, but it is supported by a team of experienced agents. The app offers deep links to digital services such as Uber, Airbnb and Zomato, and through smart integration, secure payments can be made within the app. Members can also upload photos or voice notes to elaborate on requests they make.

Even the smartest technology can’t outperform humans when it comes to reasoning and common sense. This is why we’ve build the app, as it combines the power of AI with the emotional intelligence of humans,” says Zanetti.

While our team of experienced agents are effectively solving members’ requests, they are also subjectively gathering relevant information and profiling members. Zanetti explains that this valuable and comprehensive insight ensures that future engagements are informed and relevant.

At NEXT, we’re in the business of helping corporates retain and grow their customer base through effective benefit programmes. We firmly believe the GetMore Plus app is the future of loyalty. Not only will the white-labelled app help a company deliver a superior customer experience but, with intelligent data capturing, members can be offered high-quality tailored products and services. Companies can create a strong brand dependency, while also benefitting from additional revenue channels, all through one simple, efficient and powerful app,” says Zanetti.

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