NEXT Engage is growing their awards collection

NEXT Engage is growing their awards collection

NEXT Engage flexed their muscles and has proven, once again, just what they’re made of. At the fifth annual New Generation Social & Digital Media Awards, held on 28 September 2017, NEXT Engage walked away with two awards for their Cell C GetMore programme and one for the popular subscription programme known as My Chocolate Box.

These awards are:

  • Best Use of Social Media in a Loyalty Programme/Campaign – Bronze
  • Best Low Budget Campaign – Silver
  • Most Innovative App Developed by a Corporate – Gold

NEXT Engage truly is a powerhouse! This is their fifth consecutive year, since joining forces with marketing agency, Stratitude, that they win awards; to date, they have accumulated 11 in total. This just goes to show they are specialists in customer benefits programmes within the annuity membership space and how well they are integrated with Stratitude.

We pride ourselves on taking Cell C GetMore from strength to strength,” says Adrian Zanetti, managing director of Next Engage. “We work closely together with Stratitude to focus on developing advertising, activation and strategic campaigns as well as analysing our member’s life cycle.

The launch of the Cell C GetMore Plus app is a significant milestone for us because it takes our member value proposition to an entirely new level,” comments Zanetti. The GetMore Plus app is an intricate AI system that’s backed by human intelligence; thus, members have 24/7 access to an on-demand digital personal assistant wherever they go. This is also an opportune communication channel to build a more meaningful relationship with our members. The app is a less-intrusive communication method while also enabling our members to engage via familiar text-based chat coupled with on-demand access and payment capability for almost any product or service they request.

While working on the launch of the GetMore Plus app, we enlisted Stratitude to assist us in taking it to market, amongst other things. The results were tremendous, and it met all the launch objectives successfully,” Zanetti explains.

One of the marketing legs of the app’s launch was a Refer a Friend campaign. “These campaigns are now a staple of GetMore’s marketing plans. They are immensely effective,” says Zanetti. “They are mostly digitally focussed, which enables us to reach a wider range of consumers. It also ensures, to some extent, a general interest within the leads, which results in a higher conversion rate.

NEXT Engage did not leave the night without enjoying a tasty dessert. They partnered with Stratitude to start My Chocolate Box in 2016, and the partnership has proven fruitful. “This is a great combination; with our customer engagement resources and Stratitude’s marketing know-how, we never needed a huge budget to launch My Chocolate Box successfully,” comments Zanetti.

He concludes, “the success of GetMore and our campaigns cannot be ascribed to one person only, it took a great team of people bringing their best to work each and every day.

NEXT Engage is growing their awards collection

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