What no one is telling you about live chat

What no one is telling you about live chat

Although people today are constantly searching to connect with businesses, they are doing so while demanding ease. Regardless of how well-trained your call centre staff are, a bad line or a long waiting period while listening to elevator music (even if you made a brilliant choice), will leave customers frustrated. Building a live chat functionality into your website is the way around this.

Live chat allows you to connect to people in real-time. At Next Solutions, we’ve implemented this functionality on two of our clients’ sites and have been blown away by the results. This improvement has led to an average of 500 chats per month on GetMore (Cell C’s customer benefits programme), an average of 80 on Netstar Go (Netstar’s customer benefits programme) and more satisfied clients overall. We believe this development is due to users now enjoying access to a communication channel that’s on their terms. Live chat moves away from the idea that the business’s time is more important than the client’s, as they can get immediate responses and not have to struggle through traditional “call back” options.

Likewise, the impact a live chat functionality have on your business operations boils down to three things.

1. Convenience

Customers have access to real-time solutions. They can complete a query while at their desks, working – no need to step out to make a call. All their questions will be answered while they are in the process of making a purchase, booking a reservation or testing a product. There is no need for them to navigate through a complex number system to get to the bottom of the issue they’re experiencing.

Users have no need to use different communication channels such as emails or phone calls, or have to wait for office hours; they can even have more than one conversation running at the same time. Live chat gives users control over how and when they receive information.

It is, however, important to pay attention to how staff members are being trained. They should not respond in a robotic manner, but find ways of connecting with the person on the other side, establishing a human connection. Being able to assist customers in real-time, adds to their ultimate user experience.

2. Sales

Live chat enables staff to walk customers through a process as they need to complete it, they can also send links to the client ensuring they get exactly where they need to go. Hence, eliminating the bounce rate and improving completed sales, as customers never leave the site.

Through this functionality, staff can ensure customer satisfaction and their understanding of how the product or service work. This is also an opportune environment for staff to use the conversation as a gateway to upsell offerings.

3. Expenses

You can reduce the amount of time call centre staff spend on calls and tasks as they’ll be able to assist clients quicker. Staff members will also be able to assist several people simultaneously, hence improving the number of requests they can manage per day.

Turn to NEXT Solutions to improve your customer relations and stand out from your industry competition via our live chat functionality and expertise. We deliver consistent all-round customer engagement, ensuring the best service on all communication points such as SMSes, calls, emails, app and online chats, and social media; we deliver top-notch on-demand customer service. Contact us on 011 449 7045 or visit www.nextsolutions.co.za today.

Information source: KissMetrics

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